Menu 2024

normal portion € / half portion €

Sweet and Savory Chicken Salad LF,DF,GF  19,90/13,30€
Pulled chicken, tomato, pear slices in blackcurrant conserve, pickled cucumber, red onion and sweet melon served on a generous salad bed
Goat Cheese Salad LL,GF   22,50/14,90€
A warm slice of goat cheese on a generous salad bed accompanied by tomato, red onion, pickled cucumbers, pear slices in blackcurrant conserve and melon

Perch Salad LF,(GF)   23,90/15,80€
Butter-fried perch on a generous salad bed, tomato, apple-fennel shavings, red onion, pickled cucumber, melon, lemon and dill mayonnaise


Chicken Hamper   LF,GF   19,90/13,10€
Deep-fried juicy breaded fillets of chicken, pickled cucumber, roasted potato wedges, sweet melon and mayonnaise
Fish & Chips      19,90/13,10€
Golden brown fried Alaska pollock fillet and roasted potato wedges served with melon, lemon and tartar sauce dip

Fresh Pasta

We use fresh, handmade Finnish pasta

Pasta with Chicken LF   18,90/12,50€
Steaming fresh pasta topped with pulled chicken and golden cheddar sauce. Garnished with a melon slice

Pasta Carbonara LF   18,90/12,50€
All time favorite! Crispy bacon, velvety cream and onion as a rich sauce with fresh pasta. Garnished with a slice of sweet melon

Fish Delights

Portside’s Perch in Cider Sauce   LF,GF  29,40/19,10€
Luscious fish fillets with mellow cider sauce, parsnip purée, melon, pickled cucumbers, lemon, apple-fennel shavings and roasted potato wedges
Fish & Salad  19,90/13,10€
Crispy fried, golden Alaska pollock fillet with apple-fennel shavings, fresh salad, red onion, tomato, pickled cucumber, melon, lemon wedges and tartar sauce dip

Butter Fried Vendace LF  19,90/13,10€
Crispy fried freshwater fish served with Portside’s mashed potatoes, lemon, dill-sour cream sauce and a sweet melon slice

Patty & Puffs

Ground Beef Steak with Goat Cheese LL,GF   24,50/16,20€
A handsome portion of Finnish ground beef topped with white-mold goat cheese, parsnip purée, fresh salad, pear slices in blackcurrant conserve, tomato, pickled cucumber, red onion and sweet melon. Served with roasted potato wedges and
chili mayonnaise dip

7 Flavours LF,DF,GF,V   19,90/13,10€
Tasty vegetable puffs, apple-fennel shavings, pear slices in blackcurrant conserve, pickled cucumber and sweet melon. Served with roasted potato wedges and
vegan mayonnaise

We serve our burgers with tasty trimmings: pickled cucumber, fresh salad, tomato, red onion, sweet melon and roasted potato wedges  

Portside Burger LF,(GF)  21,80/14,40€
Juicy purebred beef patty, cheddar sauce, chilli mayonnaise and pear slices in blackcurrant conserve on the side  

Chickenburger LL,(GF)   19,90/13,10€
Pulled chicken, goat cheese, chili mayonnaise and pear slices in blackcurrant conserve on the side 
Veganburger LF,DF,V,(GF)   19,90/13,10€
Portsides homemade vegetable patty, vegan mayonnaise and apple-fennel shavings on the side

Kids Hamburger LL,(GF)   9,80€
Very plain but juicy pure beef patty, ketchup inside a fresh burger bun. Served with roasted potato wedges and sweet melon  

Sides & Dips

Roasted potato wedges   LF,DF,GF,V   5,50€
Goat cheese   LF,GF  5,50€
Ground beef patty   LF,DF,GF  8,00€
Vegan patty   LF,DF,GF,V   5,00€
Burger bun  LF  4,00€
Nachos  LF, DF, V  4,00€
Pear slices in blackcurrant conserve  LF,DF,GF,V  4,00€
Pickled cucumber  LF,DF,GF,V   4,00€
Apple-fennel shavings  LF,DF,GF,V   4,00€
Sweet melon  LF,DF,GF,V   4,00€
Mayonnaise   LF,DF,GF
Tartar sauce   LF,DF,GF
Aioli     LF,DF,GF
Chilli mayonnaise   LF,DF,GF
Cheddar sauce   LF,GF
Dill mayonnaise   LF,GF
Vegan mayonnaise   LF,DF,GF,V

á 1,90€


Portside’s pizzas are prepared from scratch by the skilful hands of our pizza master. Our own recipe for both the pizza sauce and the thin crispy crust guarantees a unique pizza experience

Margherita LF,(GF*)  14,10/8,50€
Tomato sauce, cheese
Tropicana LF,(GF*)  18,50/11,10€
Ham, Aura-blue cheese, pineapple

Hotti LF,DF,(GF*)  18,70/11,20€
Salami, peach, red onion,jalapeño
Fattori LF,DF,(GF*)  18,50/11,10€
Minced meat, boiled egg, corn

A la Casa LF,(GF*)  18,90/11,30€
Ham, prawns, Aura-blue cheese, peach

Archipelago LF,(GF*)  19,20/11,50€
Cold smoked salmon, red onion, capers, dill mayonnaise, béarnaise sauce

The Pizza Master LF,DF,(GF*)  18,90/11,30€
Salami, bacon, red onion, bell pepper

two toppings    17090/10,80€    
three toppings     18,90/11,40€  
four toppings      19,90/11,90€

ham, minced meat, salami, bacon, pulled chicken, cold smoked salmon, prawns, blue mussels, tuna, Aura-blue cheese, goat cheese, hard boiled egg, nachos, corn, tomato, red onion, bell pepper, mushroom, pineapple, peach, capers, olives, jalapeño, garlic, dill mayonnaise, béarnaise sauce, BBQ sauce 

Extra topping 2,90€

(GF*) Gluten-free pizza is only available in one size, a little smaller than Portside’s large pizza, but the amount of toppings and the price are the same as in our large pizza. Our kitchen handles products containing gluten


Portsides melt-in-the-mouth Chocolate Cake  9,90/6,50€
velvety vanilla custard and cranberries

Portsides melt-in-the-mouth Chocolate Cake   9,90/6,50€
ice cream scoop and a topping of your choice
One scoop of ice cream, topping and a slice of melon  6,50€

Two scoops of ice cream
, topping and a slice of melon  9,90€

Ice creams:
Vanilla LF,GF   
Salted Caramel LF,GF
Strawberry LF,GF 
Mint-chocolate DF,GF,V

Chocolate LF,GF 
Caramel GF
Strawberry LF,GF,DF 
Vanilla LF      
Salted liquorice LF,GF,DF

LF   lactose free
LL   low lactose
DF dairy free
V     vegan    
GF   gluten free*  
(G)   gluten free* upon request

*Our kitchen handles products containing gluten
We use only Finnish meat