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September Open

Traditional  family-friendly event and fun market day in Dalsbruk 09.09.2023
Restaurant Portside is open from 11.00.
Welcome to spend a fantastic day to our beautiful island!
For more information: September Open Homepage

Harbour warehouses

Carl August Ramsay took over Taalintehdas ironworks in 1834. During his time, the port's empire-style warehouses were built. Because the buildings have features of C.L. Engel's architecture, they are popularly called Engel's warehouses. Over time, the buildings have housed a granary, stables, garage, sauna, theatre, tourist information, bars and restaurants. Read more about the history of Taalintehdas.


Cooking with Love

We offer carefully prepared, good and honest food right next to the guest marina. Come to our seafront terrace to enjoy Portside’s famous pizzas, tasty local fish dishes, succulent burgers, pastas, salads and other archipelago offerings. We are committed to making sure your receive attentive, timely and friendly service during your visit.

Refreshing summer drinks 

At Portside you will find quality wines, beers, ciders and spirits - familiar international brands, domestic favourites as well as local craft beers. Why not let our bartenders create you a special cocktail! 


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