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Prices €, normal / half portion

Lettuce, cherry tomatoes, cucumber and marinated red onion accompanied by Portside’s rye and malt bread
Rustic Salad 17,50 / 11,50  Bacon, pulled chicken, egg and herb potatoes (L)
Shrimp Salad 17,50 / 11,50  Shrimp, house tartar sauce, dill and lemon (L)    

Pappardelle pasta
Pasta Carbonara 15,20 / 10,20   Bacon, garlic, cream, egg and Parmesan shavings (L)
Goat Cheese Pasta 15,20 / 10,20 Chévre, cherry tomatoes and arugula (L)
Pasta al Pomodoro 15,20 / 10,20 Tomato sauce, garlic, basil and Parmesan shavings (L, V *)

Vegan Bundles 15,90 / 10,50 Crispy balls with herbs, vegetables and salad (L, G, V, M)
Herring Fillets 17,50 / 11,50 Butter-fried fillets, house tartar sauce and mashed potatoes (L)
Fish of the Day 21,50 / 14,20 Fried fillet, vegetables and potato wedges (L, G)
Cold Fish Plate 22,50 / 14,90 Skagen, cold smoked salmon, herring, salad and herb potatoes (L)
Fish & Chips 18,90 / 12,80 Deep-fried fish fillet, potato wedges and house tartar sauce (L)
Liver 21,90 / 14,50 Pan-fried liver, onion sauce, lingonberry compote and mashed potatoes (L, G)
Ribs 23,90 / 15,80 Oven-braised ribs, BBQ sauce, coleslaw and potato wedges (L, G)
Chicken Fingers 17,90 / 11,80 Deep-fried chicken fillet strips, potato wedges and chili mayonnaise (L)

Pretzel bun, lettuce, tomato, cucumber, marinated red onion, house coleslaw and potato wedges
Portside 18,90 / 12,50 100% beef patty, cheddar sauce and chili mayonnaise (L, G*)
Pulled Chicken 17,90 / 11,80 Oven-braised chicken, goat cheese and devil’s jam (L, G*)
Vegan 17,90 / 11,80 Portside’s vegan patty and garlic mayonnaise (L, G*, V)

EXTRAS á 4,90 
House potato wedges (L,G,V), mashed potatoes (L,G,V), side salad (L,G,V)
Dips (L) á 1,90 
 Garlic mayonnaise, dill mayonnaise, béarnaise sauce, BBQ sauce

Prices €, large / small pizza
    Legendary thin-crust pizzas, house tomato sauce and cheese
Margherita 12,60 / 8,30 Tomato sauce, cheese (L,G*,V*)
Tropicana 14,20 / 9,40 Ham, blue cheese, pineapple (L,G*)
Goat Cheese 15,80 / 10,40 Goat cheese, tomato, arugula (L,G*)
Archipelago 17,40 / 11,50 Cold smoked salmon, capers, red onion, dill mayonnaise, béarnaise sauce (L,G*)
A la Casa 17,40 / 11,50     Ham, shrimp, blue cheese, peach (L,G*)
Quattro Stagioni 15,80 / 10,40 Ham, minced meat, salami, champignon(L,G*)
Pizza Master 17,40 / 11,40 Red onion, bell pepper, bacon, salami (L,G*)
Frutti di Mare 17,40 / 11,40 Shrimp, mussels, tuna (L,G*)
Pulled Chicken 15,80 / 10,40 Chicken, peach, jalapeño, BBQ sauce (L,G*)
Veggie 15,20 / 10,10 Champignon, asparagus, red onion, tomato (L,G*,V*)
Fantasy     Two optional toppings 14,60 / 10,30
      Three optional toppings 16,60 / 12,30
      Four optional toppings 18,60 / 14,30
Extra topping 2,00

      ham, minced meat, salami, bacon, chicken,
      tuna, cold smoked salmon, shrimp, mussel,
      blue cheese, goat cheese, cheese, vegan cheese,
      pineapple, peach, tomato, bell pepper, asparagus, champignon,
      garlic, red onion, caper, jalapeño, arugula,
      BBQ sauce, garlic mayonnaise, dill mayonnaise, béarnaise sauce

Prices €, normal portion / half portion
Waffle and Ice Cream 12,50 / 8,30
Waffle, ice cream and berries (L)  

Ice Cream Portion 11,50 / 7,60
Ice cream, sauce and berries (L)

Ice Cream Scoop and Sauce á 4,50
Ice cream: old fashioned vanilla, chocolate or strawberry (L)
Sauce: chocolate, strawberry, caramel or liquorice (L)

L = lactose-free, G = gluten-free, M = non-dairy, V = vegan, * = upon request
Our kitchen processes products containing gluten
We only use domestic meat